Aquarius to Cancer: 4 Zodiac signs who daydream about tragic romances

When life turns powerful or you’ve gotten had a foul day, there are a number of coping mechanisms folks use to make themselves really feel higher. While some favor to seize a drink with buddies, there are others who bask in retail remedy. Yet, a good few folks are likely to recede into the corners of their thoughts with comforting, but disconcerting ideas. From tragic romances to dramatic conditions, check out the zodiac indicators who daydream about these scenarios-


No one enjoys sleep fairly like a Taurus and these bulls do all they will to raise the sleep expertise. This means every part from utilizing a scented evening cream and candles to taking part in out a long-drawn-out fantasy of their thoughts the place they’re wooed by a fictitious lover. Their dreamy romantic fantasies are likely to have bittersweet endings.

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Pisces are stronger than they seem and these resilient people are sometimes too proud to hunt consolation of solace within the arms of others. They are fiercely unbiased, but fairly secretive. Perhaps that is the explanation why they daydream of torrid romances that finish in heartbreak and mirror actuality as a approach to search closure.


These imaginative beings are effectively versed in concocting fantasies of their thoughts about conditions that may in all probability by no means occur in actual life. Their moody nature makes them a recluse and so they use their time alone to fill their mind by dreaming up superbly love tales that all the time flip tragic. The purpose being to weep just a few tears of self-sympathy.

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Many complain about how Aquarius will be distant in relationships. But these people are sometimes misplaced in thought and so they are likely to daydream vivid eventualities as effectively. Some daydream of spurned lovers, whereas others fantasise about how they handled heartbreak. Their imagined hurts are typically extra painful than actual sorrows.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily centered in your zodiacal qualities; all of the above traits could not essentially maintain true for you.

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