Are banks open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day in 2021?

Want to pay in that Christmas money? Here’s when the banks are open… (Picture: Getty Images)

You might already be anticipating the wads of Christmas money Father Christmas will bring you this year.

Or perhaps you just have to keep on top of your bills as the festivities happen around you.

Regardless of why, many of us might need to pop to the bank this Christmas time.

So, are the banks open over Christmas?

Are banks open on Christmas Eve?

As Christmas Eve falls on a Friday this year – and is not a bank holiday – banks will be open. 

However, it’s likely that many banks will close early for the holiday.

Want to pay in that Christmas money? Here’s when the banks are open… (Picture: Getty Images)

It’s best to check with your bank and local branches to see what time they’ll be closing this Christmas Eve if you have to do any urgent banking before a long stretch of weekend days and bank holidays over the festive period.

Are banks open on Christmas Day?

Online banking will still be an option throughout, but process times might be longer (Picture: Getty)

Banks will be closed on Christmas Day.

If you need to withdraw cash, you can still use a cash machine.

Similarly, you’ll be able to pay using online banking, but payments and deposits might take longer to process.

Are banks open on Boxing Day?

Boxing Day falls on a Sunday this year, so banks will be shut.

As Christmas and Boxing Day take place over a weekend this year, there will be two substitute Bank Holiday days, to make up for the days falling on a weekend.

The Christmas Day Boxing Day bank holiday has instead been moved to Monday, December 28, and Tuesday, December 29.

That means you might not be able to visit your local branch in person till Wednesday, December 29.

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