Bournemouth fans fear fixture scheduling years after Leeds hooligans ‘wrecked town’

The Bournemouth supporters club ‘The Cherries Trust’ have written to police raising concerns about the scheduling of their home fixture with Leeds.

As part of the Premier League schedule, the Whites are set to head to the Vitality Stadium on April 29 – which is the start of the May bank holiday weekend. The trouble is that the Trust believes that a similar incident may happen from the last time that Leeds fans were on the south coast in 1990.

At the time Leeds just needed three points to secure promotion to what was then called the First Division. And indeed, Lee Chapman’s goal provided them a return to the elite league of English football, as well as the Division Two title. But, along with the bank holiday weekend, it was recipe for disaster as £1million worth of damage was caused while 120 arrests amid the drink and celebration of the promotion from the Yorkshire supporters.

A statement from the Cherries Trust read on Twitter today: “We will be making as much noise as we can till this gets changed. This fixture cannot go ahead on this or any other Bank Holiday weekend.”

They also attached the letter of the response they had sent in an email to the Dorset Police, It said: “Good afternoon, thank you for your email. We completely understand your concerns and are aware of the situation.

“At this time I cannot comment as to what interactions Dorset Police has had with the Premier League regarding this matter but a statement will be issued with more information in due course.”

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The response by Dorest Police
The response by Dorest Police

The Bournemouth supporters club ‘The Cherries Trust’ have written to police raising concerns the scheduling of their home fixture with Leeds. Some fans on Twitter have shown their annoyance at the Trust reaching out to the police, while others have been more understanding.

One asked: “How does an event that occurred over three decades ago hold any relevance to the upcoming fixture?” Another scathed: “Get them back in the Championship immediately!”

Leeds United Hooligans Rioting in Bournemouth - Bank Holiday Mayhem
87 views 5 Feb 2022 Bank Holiday Mayhem when Leeds United were promoted and Bournemouth was ransacked.
On May 5, 1990, chaos and carnage erupted on the south coast. It was the final weekend of the Division Two season and Howard Wilkinson’s Leeds United needed a win to secure promotion to the top flight. Harry Redknapp’s Bournemouth needed a win to stay up.
Chaos erupted in Bournemouth

A third wrote: “Exactly why teams like Bournemouth shouldn’t be in the Premier League.” A fourth said: “Absolutely embarrassing and I’m from Bournemouth, the fans don’t help themselves.”

A last one blasted: “Football has come a long way and so too have the majority of supporters. Policing & technology is far more advanced. Don’t create an issue based on something over 30 years ago. Let the police from both forces come together to discuss strategies and intelligence.”

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