Eco-warriors land taxpayers with £170million bill because of their disruptive protests

ECO-warriors have landed the taxpayer with a invoice for greater than £170million.

The sum contains £122million to cope with the warfare they’re waging on the HS2 rail hyperlink.

Eco-warriors have cost the taxpayer more than £170million


Eco-warriors have price the taxpayer greater than £170millionCredit: Jack Hill/The Times

Meanwhile, Extinction Rebellion protests — which blocked roads and bridges in London — have price the police greater than £50million.

And road-blocking protests by Insulate Britain, policed by greater than 6,650 Met officers, have price £4.3million.

The £122million invoice was revealed this week by HS2 boss Mark Thurston, showing earlier than MPs on the general public accounts committee.

Developers have had to purchase land across the proposed practice line to guard diggers from ­tunnelling activists like Swampy, actual title Daniel Hooper.

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Mr Thurston stated protests had been forecast to price “in the region of £150million to £200million by the time we are finished”.

Tory MP Brendan Clarke-Smith slammed the protesters.

He stated: “First they complain about vehicles, then wish to stop folks from utilizing public transport.

“It’s not just the disruption, it’s the appalling amount of taxpayers’ money they are wasting.”

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