Gardening tips 2022 — I’m an expert – the exact time to water your lawn and plants to get it perfect

Making your garden appear bigger, continued

That said, you might want to avoid bright white colors, since dirt, grime and mud will show up.

Instead opt for a light blue, cream or even a blush pink color.

Light blue works especially well since it blends into the color of the sky on sunny days, which can “give the illusion of space,” according to the pro.

Cream works because it can help the blooms in your garden pop without the fence becoming too bright or distracting.

The pro added: “Like cream, a soft pink will also allow your garden’s natural features to shine and create zones of light and color that promote the illusion of space.

“Just like blue paint, cool grey can make a small garden look bigger as it also blends nicely with the sky.”

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