Real-Life Weight Loss Journey| Food Blogger Jerlyn Dsilva Lost 8 Kgs by Eating Momos And Chicken Wrap

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: If you love food, then the mere idea of switching to a low-calorie diet to lose weight seems rather impossible. People struggling with weight issues, often give food too much power over themselves, which makes it more difficult for them to shed those extra kilos. Jerlyn Dsilva, who has been a food blogger turned lifestyle blogger for 7 years, ate absolutely anything and everything, but when health issues started taking a toll on her, she decided to take her health seriously and work her way towards fitness. In a span of 3 months, she lost 8 kilos by including everything in her diet, but in moderation. Read her weight loss story here:Also Read – Sara Ali Khan’s Fitness Journey: How Did Sara Ali Khan Go From Fat To Fit? Sara Ali Khan Transformation Video

Jerlyn Dsilva Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss and Will power: Well, I am a food blogger and I have been blogging for the past 7 years now. I’ve eaten nonstop for all these years and overexploited my metabolism and took it for granted. Before I could realize I had gained all the weight in the world and from 54 kgs, I went to 81 kgs. When I started facing some health issues and realized I wasn’t able to fit in my old clothes and needed new clothes every 2 months was the point where I was like this is it! I need to do something about it and Sunny came into my life! Also Read – Weight Loss: Drink Jaggery And Lemon Water Every Morning For Weight Loss, Recipe Inside

A dear friend introduced me to Sunny and that’s where it all began (and I am glad it did). I explained to Sunny about my eating habits and explained to him that I cannot give up what I do as it is my profession and I am not willing to spend a huge amount on super fancy “diet food” and he calmly said, ‘Leave that to me.’ He designed a meal plan for me that focused on homecooked, simple Indian meals (obviously he asked me what is available to me easily) and included that in the plan. I followed the diet for 10 odd days and exercised for 15 days and that was all for me to know that this is what I want to do. And after being consistent for a while, I started getting compliments from folks saying, ‘you are glowing, you look fit, you’ve lost weight, the diet and workout are working well for you.’ Yes, that was the motivation. So from 80 kgs, I’ve gone down to 70 with fat loss being the focus and losing inches. I am not obsessing over numbers as long as I look fit! Also Read – Body Fitness Tips: What Happens To Body When We Don’t Exercise? Side Effects Of Not Exercising, Explained | Watch Video

Weight Loss And Determination: It was the hard work that kept me going and of course I have had my days where I had gone completely MIA and off-track but Sunny was there constantly keeping a check on me and making sure I bounced back. His words – Be just 1 per cent better than what you were yesterday are something that kept me going. I think there is a long way for me to go so I would not really term this as the final destination but all I know is, nothing can stop me.

Weight Loss And Diet: Diet? Well, I didn’t really go that way. Diet and all are really super fancy words. What I would say is, don’t obsess over fad diets, mad meals plans, expensive/ gourmet food items because after a point you go back to eating what you ate over a period of time and it is like going back to zero. Rather, make those modifications and choose what to eat and how to control or substitute certain items and that is about it. In my case to be specific, Sunny Gupta never stopped me from eating anything. He allows me to eat whatever I want and asks me to work it off. He has given me a super cool plan which has your Indian meals which are available in almost every Indian household. I eat dal, rice, curd, salad, roti. A part of my meal plan also had chicken/ vegetable rolls, chicken momos, tandoori chicken, and so on. When out for food tastings Sunny asks me what is the place all about and what does the menu look like and suggests that I pick and choose items that are protein-rich and now that has become a part of my life where my body automatically knows what to eat and when to stop.

Me being a food blogger when out at tastings I ate absolutely anything but I ensured I included some protein in my meal. When eating at home, I preferred Indian food starting with breakfast- poha, idli (South Indian items) with a glass of buttermilk. Lunch being dal rice, biryani at times and in the evenings considering my food cravings I was allowed to eat momos and chicken wrap (once or twice a week) which used to take care of my cravings.

Weight Loss Mantra: There is absolutely no shortcut to losing weight. It takes a lot of determination and consistency and the right mindset. It’s all in the mind. My mantra is to eat smart and give some time to yourself and engage in any kind of physical activity and be consistent and you will see all the results.

Weight Loss And Workout: My workout routine is pretty simple. I am training online with Sunny where he teaches us high-intensity workouts without any fancy machines. All you need is a mat, weights (2kgs and 10kgs) to be specific and you are good to go. It is kind of a mix of both – cardio and HIIT. And we’re lucky that we get bonus workout sessions like Yoga and stretches as well. I give myself 30-40mins each day and make sure I work out 4-5 days a week.

Jerlyn Dsilva weight loss journey is impressive

Weight Loss Mantra: Staying consistent plays a major role in your journey! And of course, eating right! Again by right, I do not mean fancy food. I mean eating clean and this Indian diet plan, in particular, is a myth buster as I have now found something which will help me stay consistent without losing my mind. Your body is amazing and rewards you when you take care of it. So here’s me saying it aloud that you do not fancy meals and tons of meal plans to lead a healthy life. Just the right guidance and you are on track!

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