World Thrift Day 2021: Know the theme, history and significance

World Thrift Day is observed on October 30 every year. This day is also known as World Savings Day. It throws light on the importance of savings. Saving money is never a bad idea as it prevents you from facing a financial crisis and makes you feel financially secure. This day highlights the sheer importance of saving money to safeguard the future.

The word ‘thrift’ basically refers to a way of spending wisely. So have a look at the history and significance of celebrating this day and the theme for this year.

World Thrift Day 2021


World Thrift Day, also known as World Savings Day is considered to be one of the oldest days to be celebrated. This day was first established on 24th October 1924 in Milan during the first International Savings Bank Congress. 

The Thrift congress resolutions made a decision to observe this day to promote the concept of saving all over the world. 


It is a known fact that spending your money wisely and saving it for the future is always a good idea. This day plays a very important role in encouraging people and making them aware of the importance of savings. This way people can achieve financial stability as well as security and don’t have to worry about their future or about facing a financial crunch.

World Thrift Day 2021


The theme of World Thrift Day this year is “Understanding the Importance of Savings.” It talks about making people aware of the importance of savings, encouraging them to plan for the future and make themselves financially secure.

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