Alcohol, Sedentary Lifestyle, Sugary Food and 3 Other Reasons for Increase in Belly Fat

Weight Loss Tips: It is easier to gain fat than to lose them. With an increase in eating disorders and unhealthy lifestyles, shedding those extra kilos has become difficult now. With dedication and determination, one can achieve anything.Also Read – What is a Hormonal Belly? 3 Vital Signs That Your Hormones Are The Reason Behind Your Belly Fat

Here are 6 Reasons That Leads to an Increase in Belly Fat:

  1. Trans Fat: Fats are important for the body. However, too much consumption of fat is not right. Trans fat is unhealthy. This leads to an increase in belly fat as well as overall body weight. It can also make you prone to chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and more.
  2. Alcohol: According to a few studies, alcohol can lead to belly fat. The drinks are known as empty calories and they add just calories to the body and not nutrients. It can also lead to a greater visceral fat accumulation and a higher body mass index.
  3. Sedentary Lifestyle: Unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to an increase in belly fat. Physical exercise is immensely vital. It helps you maintain a good body shape.
  4. Sugary Drinks and Food: A lot of consumption of sugar food often leads to developing excess belly fat and ultimately leads to ‘beer guts’. The refined carbs present in such food are hard to burn and it gets stored as fats.
  5. Lack of Sleep and Stress: A lot of studies have suggested that stress and anxiety have led to the cortisol hormone in the body. It slows down the metabolism. A reduced metabolism makes it difficult to lose weight and belly fat. On the other hand, lack of sleep can lead to craving for high-calorie foods and causes weight gain.
  6. Food in Low Calorie: Low-calorie food can increase belly fat. A lower calorie food will not able to satiate your cravings or hunger for high-calorie foods. This leads to the consumption of more food.

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