Here Are 5 Unhealthy Food Combinations to Avoid for a Fit and Healthy Life

Your eating habits reflect who you are and are largely visible on your skin. A bad combination of food can lead to disturbance in the gut and can lead to several health-related issues as well.Also Read – 5 Benefits of Eating Almonds Every Day According to Ayurveda

Taking it to Instagram, Dr. Dixa Bhavsar, a renowned Ayurveda doctor shared a post that explained in detail the incompatible food combinations. According to her caption, viruddha literal means the word opposite. Food combinations that may have opposite properties like fish and milk. Another opposite properties combination is fruits and milk, it may lead to opposite activities on the tissues. Also Read – Festive Health Tips: How To Follow Mindful Eating? Tips To Eat Right During Festive Season, Watch Video

Food combinations like heated honey may exert some unwanted effect on the body when processed in this form. Even eating curd at night falls under an unhealthy combination when it is consumed at the wrong time. Also Read – 8 Lifestyle-Related Factors That Increase Your Risk of Stroke

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Here’s the List of Unhealthy Food Combinations:

Milk should not be eaten with fish as the two foods are incompatible: milk is cold and fish is heating. Combining the two vitiates the blood and causes obstruction of the body’s channels (called srotas). Salt and milk together is another combination that should be avoided due to antagonistic qualities in the two.

Banana should not be eaten with milk, curds, or buttermilk because the combination can diminish digestion and produce toxins in the body. Eating this combination can lead to cold, cough, and allergies.

Curds (yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese) are ideal to eat in winter, but should not be consumed at night. According to Ayurvedic text Caraka-Samhita (sutra 225-227), “curd is generally discarded in autumn, summer, and spring.”

When you do eat curds, enjoy them at lunch when your digestion is strongest. Curds can cause swelling and aggravate blood (rakta), pitta, and kapha. Cheese can take a long time to digest and can cause constipation so those with weak digestion should avoid cheese and yogurt consumption no matter what the season.

Heating honey destroys the enzymes that support the digestive process, hence produces ama (toxins) in the body when consumed.

  • Quantity of Ghee and Honey

Don’t mix equal quantities ghee and honey as they have opposite reactions in the body—honey has a heating, drying, scraping action, whereas ghee has a cooling, moisturizing quality. When eating ghee and honey together, mix in a larger quantity of one or the other.
“So try your best to avoid wrong/incompatible food combinations inorder to reduce inflammation, avoid skin disorders, auto immune diseases & stay healthy,” says Dr. Dixa

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