VIDEOS: Ed Sheeran performs Overpass Graffiti & Shivers on Saturday Night Live after COVID recovery

Ed Sheeran has stunned his fans with his Saturday Night Live performance in less than two weeks after announcing his COVID-positive test results from his social media platform. The singer was a musical guest in host Kieran Culkin’s show which aired on November 6.

During SNL’s episode, Sheeran first appeared in the Dionne Warwick Show sketch as a celebrity. He later took the stage as the performer of the night, stunning the audience with two performances from his brand new album ‘Equals’ or ‘=’. The first performance was on Shivers, where Sheeran wore a red woollen sweater, washed-out jeans and sneakers! Sheeran performances are incomplete without his guitar, and the actor took to strumming the instrument while singing his songs.

During Overpass Graffiti, the singer sang alongside a folksy tune. This song too is from his new album which was released on October 29. In this performance, Sheeran changed into a white sweater along with black sneakers. His high notes alongside the band and backup singers’ performances had the audience applauding and cheering for more.

Take a look at Ed Sheeran’s SNL performances:

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In other news, the singer had revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 and was taking necessary precautions to get well soon and not spread the virus further. However, Sheeran also revealed that his daughter Lyra caught the virus stating that there were three days that were “really bad.” The singer also noted that he is still taking necessary precautions.

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