5 Best Toolboxes in 2021

Best heavy-duty toolbox


This weatherproof Milwaukee 48-22-8426 Packout 22-Inch Rolling Toolbox and its metal reinforced body will protect your tools from nearly anything on your job site.

Pros: Resistant to water spray, extra-durable, 250-pound load capacity

Cons: Expensive

It might be overkill for the occasional use, but if you plan on using your toolbox frequently and for serious home DIY projects, you’ll be glad to have a box as heavy-duty as the Milwaukee Packout Rolling Toolbox.

It’s pretty clear when you look at this box that it’s designed with durability in mind. In addition to its thick polymer body, the sides are also reinforced with metal corner pieces, adding to its already impressive impact resistance. With a 250-pound load capacity and 15 gallons of space, you can fill this box up with a decent amount of gear.

I was initially pretty skeptical about the strength and durability of the extension handle on the Packout but was pleasantly surprised when testing it out. It didn’t have the flimsy, plasticky feel that I expected. Even after wheeling it around for a bit, I never felt like it could break or crack easily. I also enjoyed the extra-long handle, which made it comfortable to maneuver around corners and over obstacles.

I’m a stickler for water-resistant products, which is why I’m such a big fan of the IP65 rating that comes with the Packout. This rating is higher than any other box on our list and will protect its contents from low-pressure water jets from any direction. A rubber gasket runs around the box’s lid, which creates a tight seal when latched closed.

The 9-inch wheels help this box traverse pretty much anything you’re rolling over, including staircases and gravelly or uneven surfaces. I’m also a fan of high-visibility color schemes for any tool or accessory, and the bright red color of this box is a great example of why. You’ll always be able to spot it from across the room, and if you’re using it in a public place, it is flashy enough to dissuade would-be thieves from trying to walk away with it.

My biggest issue with the Milwaukee Packout Rolling Toolbox is its price tag, which may not make sense for those who just need a basic box to store their tools. That being said, its durability and water resistance could make it worthwhile if you think your valuable tools could get damaged by using an inferior box. It’s also the base unit of the Milwaukee Packout series, so you could eventually expand your toolbox collection with compatible boxes.

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