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As the world opens up slowly after the pandemic, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is to Travel. And if you are unsure of your travel destination, all you need is to turn to your numbers to figure out which destinations suit you best. Your Life Path number tell you all.Also Read – Leisure Hotels Group Opens ‘The Hideaway Bedzzz’ Varanasi

Let’s first understand how to calculate the life path number :

Life Path Number: It is a single-digit total of your full date of birth. For example, your full date of birth is 14.4.2001, then by adding all the numbers in the date we get 3, so 3 is your life path number. The Life Path number in numerology is similar to your sun sign in astrology. Also Read – As Indians Can Fly to Thailand Now, Check Latest Covid Guidelines Here

Life Path number 1: The Offbeat Lover Also Read – Weekly Numerology Prediction, November 7 to November 13: What’s in Store For You This Week?

The number 1 people love offbeat places and are very innovative when comes to even choose their destination. Being creative, they tend to pick places that give them a sense of peace, independence and push their creative and competitive spirit. They are not averse to taking a risk and trying new and unheard-of places.

Life Path number 2: The Group Traveller

The number 2 people prefer to travel with family and in groups, they are certainly not solo travellers. Being emotional, they tend to go the extra mile to make sure that each of their family members enjoys the vacation and cherishes the time spent with loved ones. At times, it gets difficult for them to decide where to go as they are so focused on where everyone else wants to go. Destinations which offer everything for everyone is ideal for them.

Life Path number 3: The Curious Explorer

The number 3 people are curious to explore the world. They are optimistic, joyful and possess great communication skills. Be it a world-class city or a tribal village, they are at ease, interacting and getting to know more of the people and the place. And being serenity seekers, they head to hills to rejuvenate.

Life Path number 4: The Organized Traveller

The number 4 people are adventurous, yet they want their trip impeccably planned and organized. Before going, they research the destination and take note of each detail. Being a lifetime learners, they are often drawn to destinations where they get to expand their knowledge or learn something for eg., going in for scuba diving or a jungle safari. If there’s something the 4 Life Path needs to prioritize, it’s relaxation and flexibility. An outdoor adventure in the rainforests and serene beaches could be good options.

Life Path number 5: The Fearless Adventurer

The number 5 people are born with a golden passport. They are fearless travellers and love to explore the whole world and experience its varied adventure, beauty and culture. There is no wrong or right destination in their travel itinerary, everything is an experience and a story to tell. And wherever they go, they make it large, whether it’s the place they stay or the food and adventure they indulge in. The calm seaside will be a place for you to relax

Life Path number 6: The Home Bound

The number 6 people are more homebound. It’s tough to get them out, but once out, they are in it totally. They love travelling with family and are meticulous in planning and executing the vacation. They seek experiences that feed their refined aesthetic sensibilities. Let loose and enjoy, unplanned vacations has their own charm and adventure.

Life Path number 7: The Spiritual Seeker

The number 7 people are both, analysts and spiritualists. They are seekers at every level and travel beckons their soul. The best vacations for them are close to nature and water bodies where they can unwind. They are also drawn to the road less travelled and are willing to take the plunge and explore. Yoga or a meditation retreat in the Himalayas, trekking, bike rides, or a winery tour, would attract them as well.

Life Path number 8: The Business Traveller

The number 8 people are business-minded. They often mix business with travel, enjoy while making money. They enjoy comfort and quality and prefer the finer things in life. They often travel first class and their accommodations are first rate. They do enjoy adventurous places. They should relax and unwind during their vacations and not always mix business with work. The islands and the adventurous places are ideal for their vacations.

Life Path number 9: The Romantic Globetrotter

The number 9 people are romantic at heart and international travel is an important part of their life’s journey. They are compassionate beings and love to explore different cultures. They can travel everywhere and are always up for an adventure. The globetrotters need to slow down at times and opt for destinations that offer peace and space for reflection and calming down.

(About Dr Madhu Kotiya: A renowned tarot mentor, numerologist, vastu expert, a spiritual and a pshychic healer. She is also a channel to Arch angles and ascended masters. She has devoted her life to the mystic world of tarot since 1998 and laid the foundation of MShezaim Institute of Tarot and Divination in 2002 to promote the study of tarot and divination. Over the years, she has provided her services and helped many people through her psychic ability and healing powers. She has worked on several areas that include depression, addictions, fears and phobias, emotional traumas, concentration issues and relationship problems.)

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