5 Vitamin Deficiency Signs That Should Not Go Unnoticed

Skincare Tips: Consumption of food rich in vitamins is needed to protect the body from disease and skincare issues. What you eat directly reflects on your skin and hence, it is very important to eat healthy food. Vitamin deficiency can be easily visible on your face. Hence, having food that has low vitamin levels will have an impact on your body.

A daily dose of vitamins is needed for the healthy growth and development of the body. A low intake of vitamins can have an overall impact on the body and also affect your skin. Thus, having vitamin-rich food is needed to feel healthy and have clear skin.

Here Are the Vitamin Deficiency Signs That You Should Notice

Vitamin deficiency can lead to acne and dryness of the skin. All of these have resulted due to various hormonal changes. Vitamin deficiency can occur due to dirt and germ accumulation. Certain vitamin changes can be seen on the skin as they will be highly visible. Consuming a lesser amount of vitamin A and E will result in acne formation on the skin. Lesser consumption of vitamin B 12 can make the skin look pale.

Swollen and puffy eyes can be a result of vitamin deficiency. These can happen frequently and can be visible the first time you wake up in the morning. These are symptoms of low iodine levels in the body. A lot of studies have suggested iodine deficiency with thyroid diseases. This can lead to fatigue, weight gain and puffy eyes.

Vitamin deficiency can lead to bleeding gum. This can damage the body and the overall health. Bleeding gum is also known as scurvy. Other signs of unhealthy gum are easy bruising, bleeding, joint and muscle pain. To keep the gum health healthy, you need to increase the consumption of vitamin C by eating fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruit.

Vitamin deficiency can lead to pale lips. Pale and discoloured lips are a result of undiagnosed diseases. Pale lips are the common symptoms of anaemia, this occurs when the red blood cell of the body is low. Lack of RBC counts lead to low iron levels in the body and puts a stop to the body tissues that carry oxygen. This can result in decolouration of the skin and lips. This can also lead to the weakening of the immune system.

Vitamin deficiency can result in damaged and dry hair. Dry and damaged hair lack biotin known as vitamin B7 in the body. The presence of biotin helps in keeping the hair nourished. Dandruff and dry hair result in low levels of biotin. Eating food high in vitamin B7 like lean meat, fruits, vegetables, legumes and fish can help in preventing vitamin deficiency.

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