Britney Spears wants to block dad from post-conservatorship plans

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Britney Spears’ longtime advisor has demanded the singer’s post-conservatorship plans are kept from her dad.

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Jamie Spears was suspended as the pop star’s conservator at the end of September, and now the arrangement has been terminated in court, Britney and her team want to make sure he has no links to her life.

The singer’s longtime co-conservator Jodi Montgomery, who will remain as one of the star’s advisors, filed legal documents last week, offering up a “termination plan,” which includes guidelines “for supportive decision-making to help (Britney) adjust and transition to life outside of the conservatorship.”

Montgomery made it clear the information was for the judge and lawyer Mathew Rosengart’s eyes only, and stated the limited distribution reflected Britney’s wishes.

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“From the history of this case, it is no secret that Ms. Spears has had a contentious relationship with her family, especially her father, Mr. Spears,” the documents read. “Given the history of this case, it is clear that Ms. Spears does not want her medical or other privacy rights invaded by her father or any other party in this conservatorship case.”

According to TMZ sources, the plan involves Montgomery serving as an advisor and a financial company managing her cash.

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