5 Fibre Rich Food You Should Avoid if You’re Trying to Shed Those Extra Kilos

Weight Loss Tips: Weight loss routines require dedication and hard work. Along with this, sheer will and dedication are needed. However, you need to keep a tab on the kind of food you consume as diet plays a major role in weight loss routine. Fibre-rich food is essential to losing weight. However, excess of anything is bad. Soluble fibre like whole grain, fruits, and veggies have increased healthy gut bacteria levels and helped in gut health.Also Read – Weight Loss: Does Amla Tea Help in Shedding Those Extra Kilos? Here’s What We Know

Along with the health benefits, fibre keeps the body fuller and prevents unhealthy snacking and binge eating. This helps in keeping the tab on the overall calorie intake level. By excess consumption of fibre, it can be difficult to lose weight. Also Read – Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help in Losing Weight? Here’s What We Know

Here are 5 Fibre Rich Food You Should Avoid Eating if You Want to Shed Those Extra Kilos:

One of the healthy breakfasts is oatmeal. Oatmeal helps in shedding those extra kilos. Even though oatmeal is loaded with rich fibre, protein and other nutrients that help in losing weight. However, not all oatmeal is good for help. Quick oats that are highly processed, high in calories or contain sugar, are unhealthy for the body. This can lead to a high glycemic index and it can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels quickly. Also Read – Weight Loss While Sleeping: Can You Shed Extra Kilos During Sleep? Here’s What We Know!

Brown and white bread are known for weight-loss components. The fibre present in whole wheat bread has a minimal presence as compared to other types of bread. However, they are unhealthy and are low in nutrients when compared to fruits and vegetables. For a faster weight loss plan, you should avoid it.

Creamy vegetable soup should be avoided if you want to lose weight. The creamy soup contains fibre and is stacked with calories. An increase in calorie count can lead to difficulty in losing weight. By replacing your cream soup with clear soup like vegetable broth or bone broth, you can lose weight effectively.

Cereals are the easy thing to consume in the morning. Yet, it is not good for health. The cereals with whole-grain or fibre-rich labels are not as beneficial as they say they are. These are not effective when it comes to losing weight. Cereals that are flavoured have high sugar and are high in calories. Yet, these are not ideal for losing weight.

Fruit juice contains fibre but packed juice does not have a lot of fibre present. Full juice can help in shedding extra kilos as they are high in calories and sugar content. Yet, with the higher presence of calories and sugar content, they should be not consumed a lot.

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