What Are Probiotics For Pets And Top 5 Benefits Of Giving Them to Your Pets

Looking for a friend for your pets, who always has their back? Probiotics is the answer. Probiotics are the friendly and beneficial bacteria that live in your pet’s digestive tract. It aids digestion and supports the immune system in animals. But then, what are prebiotics? Confused between the two? Prebiotics are found in fibre-rich foods and actually feed probiotics, in other words, they promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Hence, they work closely with each other.Also Read – Hyderpora Encounter: Bodies Of 2 Civilians Exhumed In Handwara, To Be Handed Over To Families

What are probiotics for pets?

Probiotics are billions of bacteria, for eg: (Bacillus Coagulans) and some yeast that lives in the gastrointestinal tract of animals. These gut bacteria keep the animal’s insides safe and promote growth and prevent diseases. They help to break down the food for easy digestion, make nutrients and vitamins work, fight off potential pathogens and strengthen the immunity of animals. Also Read – BAN vs PAK Dream11 Team Prediction, Fantasy Cricket Tips Bangladesh vs Pakistan 1st T20I: Captain, Vice-Captain, Playing 11s- Bangladesh vs Pakistan, Team News For Today’s 1st T20I at Shere Bangla National Stadium at 1.30 PM IST November 19 Friday

Most times, a healthy dog or cat is able to maintain the balance of these digestive microbes naturally. However, there may be an imbalance encountered when the pet gets stressed, is unwell or is suffering from malnutrition. At this point, most pets respond to supplements in the form of immunity boosters and probiotic strips which come in easy dissolving strips. These strips have a blueberry flavour and melt easily in the pet’s mouth, unlike pills, powders or tablets which the pet might refuse to intake. They are infused with medicinal herbs like ashwagandha which is anti-bacterial and Brahmi which promotes immune system efficiency in animals and is also safe for animals with auto-immune diseases. These strips have zero risk of choking in the pet’s mouth, are vegan and non-GMO. They aid the pet’s digestion and enhance immunity along with treating diarrhoea and upset stomach. Also Read – Schools Closed, NDRF on Stand-by: Tamil Nadu Braces For Heavy Downpour; Red Alert Issued | Key Update

Let’s look at the top 5 benefits of giving probiotics to pets:

1. Manage yeast infection and support the immune system
Most infections begin from the gut. If your pet is facing yeast infections on the skin or ears, they have begun from the gut and have spread to the rest of the body. Adding probiotics by way of supplements like probiotic strips or then curds or buttermilk which are natural probiotics will help to tackle the yeast infection and increase the number of beneficial bacteria to restore the gut imbalance. Probiotics have benefits that help pets digest food, make and absorb vitamins and minerals to build a strong immune system.

2. Treat diarrhoea, upset stomach and irritable bowel syndrome
Pets suffer from diarrhoea when there are abrupt changes in the menu and food habits when they eat food that has not been cooked well or is spoiled or possibly the pet is allergic to it. Probiotics work just like antibiotics and clear up the diarrhoea-causing bacteria and flush them out of the system. Triggers for digestive disorders in pets can be due to stress, infection, bacterial infection, old age, medications or even parasites. Probiotics improve overall symptoms and reduce bloating and flatulence in pets.

3. Improve digestive health
Dietary nutrients such as fibre-rich foods, vitamins and minerals are converted into metabolites by intestinal microbes none other than probiotics that serve as active molecules affecting the regular digestive functions in pets. This helps to protect gut health, preventing inflammation, and infection. They also help to fight respiratory tract and urogenital infections.

4. Prevent anxiety and reduce stress
When pets are stressed they tend to act out in ways such as licking their paws continuously, barking, chewing on things, biting or getting aggressive if touched. Gut health affects their behaviour and results in undue stressful situations. An upset stomach can cause a lot of stress and anxiety and also lead to dehydration in pets. Health drinks for pets which include chicken broth, coconut and prebiotics such as FOS & Inulin support the growth of probiotics that maintains the overall health of pets and this majorly helps in preventing anxiety and reducing stress in pets.

5. Improve general health and well-being
When a pet’s digestive system functions optimally, they remain healthy, active and live a long life. Probiotics are mostly given in a supplement form but they also occur in fermented foods like yoghurt, curds, buttermilk etc. It is best to consult a veterinarian when it comes to feeding probiotics to pets to determine the best probiotic strain for the health issues that they are facing.

It pays to be consistent to see your pets benefit from feeding them probiotics. Follow your veterinarian’s advice and recommendations on a regular basis and enjoy being a great pet parent to your pets.

— Inputs by Dr Dilip Sonune, Director, Veterinary Services at

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