Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, 19th November 2021, Written Update: Pakhi plans to separate Virat and Sai

In today’s episode, Sai hugs Virat and tells him she cannot lose their friendship. Virat tells her that she is always going to be important till his last breath. Sai tells she’s happy he didn’t take Bhavani’s words seriously. Samrat gets a call from Mahabaleshwar orphanage saying that the electricity and water supply has been disconnected and even the warden is sick. Samrat tells him he’ll come by tomorrow and cuts the call. He tells Pakhi to accompany him to the orphanage. 

Pakhi thinks she should stay back or else, Virat and Sai might get closer. Pakhi tells Samrat she doesn’t want to interrupt him while he’s busy, so she tells him she’ll come after the issue is settled and says he’ll pack his bag. Virat and Sai leave for college but Bhavani stops them. Sonali comes and tells her she needs to do household chores too. Sai tells her she will do it during Diwali vacation. 

Samrat comes to the hall and tells everyone that he’s going to the orphanage. Virat tells him that he will drop him. Pakhi tells even will accompany them so she can spend some more time with Samrat. They drop Samrat at the bus stand. Pakhi tells Sai she will sit in the front as she needs to do some shopping after Sai goes to college. Sai tells her to not make excuses to sit in the front. 

Sai sees candy floss and tells Virat she needs one. Virat goes and gets the candy floss for her and Pakhi gets jealous and sits at the back. They reach the college and Sai tells Virat she can do the paperwork alone and tells Pakhi she trusts him to stay alone with her. After she leaves, Pakhi tells Virat that even she trusted him and married Samrat but he broke her trust. Virat gets angry listening to this.

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