Can Alcohol Help in Shedding Those Extra Kilos? Nutritionist Answers

Weight Loss Tips: There is a lot of myth revolving around alcohol and the ability to lose or increase weight. Weight loss cannot be easily achieved. It requires dedication, hard work, regular exercise and a proper diet. The question however remains the same, can alcohol lead to an increase in weight or decrease in weight?Also Read – Weight Loss Tips: 5 Winter Season Superfoods to Shed Those Extra Kilos Instantly

Taking it to Instagram, Bhuvan Rastogi, a nutritionist, shares important points and bursts the myth of alcohol with losing or gaining weight once and for all. Bhuvan’s post read,” Alcohol taken in moderation does not lead to weight gain, hamper weight loss or increase appetite. But overconsumption can lead to higher appetite and less muscle buildup. Also Read – Weight Loss Tips: 5 Fibre Rich Food You Should Avoid if You’re Trying to Shed Those Extra Kilos

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Bhuvan Rastogi points out Dietary guidelines for America, says,” But in general, having 1-2 units per day (depending on individual size and parameters) is ok as per latest Dietary guidelines for Americans.” Rastogi said that alcohol is inflammatory in nature and diuretic (dehydrates you), hence the puffiness the next day.

As per Bhuvan Rastogi, one study (Mors F et al; 2004) shows that alcohol in moderation leads to the same weight loss as another control group given the same amount of total calories. Another study (Cordian et al; 1997) shows that 1 glass of wine every day for up to 5 days (calories accounted for) did not lead to weight gain, wrote the nutritionist.

“High alcohol consumption can impede muscle buildup or growth rate the next day,” wrote Rastogi. Referring to the study (Caton et al; 2004), the nutritionist wrote A study compared hunger and calorie intake influenced by 0, 1, and 4 units of alcohol and found that no increase in hunger was observed for up to 1 unit per day. Any more alcohol caused subjects to overeat afterwards.

Rastogi shared the safest amount for alcohol consumption that will not affect any fitness goal

  • 1 unit alcohol per day for 5 days a week — with calories accounted for and ample amount of water intake on that day.
  • ½ pint 4 per cent beer (250 ml)
  • 100 ml of 12 per cent wine
  • 25 ml of 40 per cent whiskey

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