5 Tips to Flaunt a Flawless Back in Those Backless Blouses This Wedding Season

The wedding season is here, so whether it’s your own wedding ceremony or not, we’re sure you’re going to want to bring out the good old backless blouses that give your outfit the edge it needs. If you’re conscious about showing off and want to make sure you can rule out any kind of discomfort regarding it then there are a few things you can keep in mind to make sure you look and feel your best through all celebrations. In other words, we’ve got your back! Whether it’s getting rid of ‘bacne’ or lightening dark patches and scars, here’s a list of tips and products to go with it to help you get ready to flaunt your back with every fit:Also Read – Anushka Ranjan’s Emotional Bridal Entry Proves Love is so Overwhelming – Watch Viral Video

  1. Acne Clearing Lotion – Acne on your back is the worst! But luckily clearing lotion is a solution to all your skin woes. It helps with rashes, clears back acne, reduces excess sebum production, and gives a clear, even skin tone. It treats crusty skin & bumps caused by razors. Additionally, to speed up the process of healing your skin, you can try to wear clothes that allow the skin on your back to breathe, avoiding the worsening of acne.
  2. Toning Oil – Regular use helps in fading scars, stretch marks, dark patches, tightening & firming the skin, giving it a healthy look. The toning oil helps in firming the sagging skin and gives upliftment to the back area. It also nourishes and tones the skin of the back. So ladies, feel confident this wedding season with the effects of this toning oil.
  3. Back Detox Scrub – If we can detox our body, we can detox our skin too! The scrub comes in a dry formula that works magically for dry and dull skin. It exfoliates the back skin, helps in unclogging the pores for brighter and glowing smooth skin. Go for all-natural ingredients, the scrub helps in removing dead skin, blackheads, tanning and prevents acne while improving skin health, allowing your back to look the way you want it to!
  4. Lightening Serum – The lightening serum helps in brightening the skin, treating hyperpigmentation, and improving the skin texture. It also provides moisture to the dull and dehydrated skin present on our back. The powerful actives present in the serum helps in fighting acne, fading scars, repairing skin texture, making skin smooth and soft.
  5. Brightening Back Cream – Back cream nourishes and smoothens the tough skin for an even-toned look! Go for a lightweight and non-sticky formula that absorbs into the skin for natural suppleness.

Take care of your skin with these products to never doubt your backless outfit again and enjoy this wedding season! Also Read – Alia Bhatt Wears The Most Sexy Looking Blouse With Her Neon Lehenga at Anushka Ranjan-Aditya Seal’s Sangeet – See Pics

— With inputs by By Harry Sehrawat, Co-Founder, Sanfe Also Read – Preeta Hui Parayi! Shraddha Arya Wears Banarasi Saree, Looks Gorgeous in First Pics Post Wedding

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