Establish yourself as the cool aunt by gifting THESE cool and comfy baby products to your niece & nephew

Waiting for a baby is a special feeling. It gets a whole new level of excitement when the baby is out and you officially become an aunt! Gifting your little niece or nephew is a must and will bring a different kind of satisfaction to watch them use it. If there is a newborn in your home, here are 6 different gift items to express your feeling to the baby and establish yourself as the cool aunt!

Plush Shoes

Babies feel cold way too much. To protect their cute feet from getting cold, you can gift them is pre-walker shoes that are super comfy and soft.

plush shoes

Price: Rs 559

Deal: Rs 289

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Feeding Bottle Cover

This cover comes with a loop on the neck which makes it easy to attach to a pram, crib or carrier. It is very soft and has an interesting teddy attach that’ll spruce up the babies mood.

bottle cover

Price: Rs 519

Deal: Rs 269

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Head Support Pillow

As the pillow is filled with seeds, the pillow shapes according to the baby’s head movements. So if the baby moves to the right, the seeds adjust their positions to give support while maintaining their shape and support. This helps to reduce the pressure on your baby’s head.

head rest

Price: Rs 559

Deal: Rs 289

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Sleep Suit Romper 

One-piece clothing is always the easiest and cosiest choice for babies. With snaps down front for easy dressing and diapering, doesn’t have to pull over baby’s head. It makes sure your baby look cute, smart and is in comfort.


Price: Rs 339

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Mini Dress with Cap

A pink pretty dress that comes with a pair of shoes and a cap is a beautiful gift set that your niece will look lovely in. The woollen crochet material makes it look more fun and frolic!


Price: Rs 649

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Baby Carrier

With soft cushioning near the headrest to protect and support the baby’s delicate scalp and sensitive neck area, this light weight baby carrier is an excellent gifting option that will be super useful.

baby carrier

Price: Rs 1299

Deal: Rs 844

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