Simu Liu ‘manifested’ the role of an ‘Asian American superhero’ in 2014 before being cast as Shang Chi

Simu Liu recently made his SNL debut as he hosted the comedy show this weekend. The Shang-Chi star opened the show with an enthusiastic monologue, during which he poked fun at everything from being Canadian to how he landed his role in the recent MCU movie. The star, 32, also reflected on an old tweet in which he manifested the role in the Marvel film someday. While opening his speech, Liu first poked fun at being Canadian and American Thanksgiving, saying it’s basically a kick-start to Black Friday shopping. The star furtehr shared a few things he was thankful for—one which included his new role in the recent MCU film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Liu joked that he was only hired because he “asked politely,” and went on to share a tweet he wrote in July 2014 which read, “Hey @Marvel, great job with Cpt America and Thor. Now how about an Asian American hero?” Liu also spoke about dressing as Spider-Man for kids parties before he made his debut in Hollywood. Recalling how a kid named Trevor told him “you’re not Spider-Man.” Responding years later, now Liu looked at the camera and declared: “You’re right Trevor. I’m Shang-Chi, b*tch!”

After the big night at SNL, Liu took to Instagram and shared his excitement. He wrote: “It was over so fast it was like a dream… I mean maybe not one of those dreams that you wake up feeling particularly well-rested. More like an awesome dream where you’re flying and shooting laser beams out of your hands and shit, beating the crap out of alien invaders, and then the President of Earth gives you a Medal of Valor and Cate Blanchett calls you up and is like ‘what’s up?’ And right when you’re about to meet Cate Blanchett for coffee you wake up suddenly because there’s construction outside your building and you scream “NOOOooOOOO” because you desperately want to be back in that dream.”

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