ITV Emmerdale viewers unimpressed after spotting major problem with Ethan’s career

Emmerdale viewers weren’t satisfied of Ethan’s professionalism as they poked holes in his perspective in the direction of a case.

Last week viewers watched as Ethan met with Jordan who’s been arrested on suspicion of assault. Determined to do an excellent job Ethan takes the case however after having interviewed his shopper, Ethan’s startled to see the CCTV picture of Jordan’s sufferer.

Meanwhile, within the hospital room, viewers noticed a beaten-up Billy who had sustained critical accidents, quickly changing into clear he was Jordan’s sufferer. Over within the police station, Ethan declared though he is aware of Billy, there’s no battle of curiosity however suggests to Jordan that he might want to hunt different illustration.

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Despite having reservations, Ethan agrees to tackle the case and defend Ethan. Emmerdale viewers had been taken again by Ethan’s lack of information of what a prison defence lawyer’s job could be as he discovered the proposal troublesome.

One viewer mentioned: “Ethan you’re in the wrong job if you’re wanting fairness. Most of your clients will be criminals of some sort #emmerdale.” A second viewer mentioned: “If Ethan knows Billy, I really don’t see how he can represent the man who attacked him. It must be a conflict of interest mustn’t it?#emmerdale.”

Another added: “Ethan’s understanding of being a criminal solicitor seems to very off for a highly educated man! #Emmerdale. A final comment said: “#emmerdale give it a relaxation I believed a lawyer is meant to defend not complain on and on ..convey again Meena she’s going to see off whingers a lot better programme.”

Just last week viewers watched as Marlon returned to the village for the first time after suffering his stroke. Although happy to be home, spoilers have warned there’s a long road ahead as emotions rise within his caring circle and is even rushed back to hospital after choking.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV and the ITV Hub

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