Jens Lehmann ‘took a CHAINSAW to neighbour’s garage’ after Arsenal legend’s long-running row over spoiled lake view

JENS LEHMANN took a CHAINSAW to his neighbour’s garage, reports claim.

The Arsenal legend has allegedly endured a long-running feud with those next door over their respective properties.

Jens Lehmann is claimed to have unleashed a chainsaw on his neighbours' garage


Jens Lehmann is claimed to have unleashed a chainsaw on his neighbours’ garageCredit: Getty

Lehmann is reportedly unhappy that a new garage blocks his view of the stunning Lake Starnberg.

An astonishing Bild report claims that the 52-year-old went next door with a chainsaw and “severed the roof beams” of the garage.

The article also claims that Lehmann attempted to switch off a surveillance camera in order to go undetected.

Bild’s report goes on to allege that he was unsuccessful in preventing a live transmission being broadcast to the property’s owner.

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Lehmann is claimed to have been seen in a “frenzy of rage” causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage with his chainsaw.

The police were subsequently called to Lehmann’s property, with cops now investigating whether the former Germany international is responsible for three other cases of vandalism worth more than £8,500.

Lehmann and his neighbours are alleged by Bild to have had a rocky relationship for a “long time”.

The ex-goalie is claimed to have reported them for “property damage and coercion”.


And Lehmann believes that the new garage has been built on his land.

He has owned his property on Lake Starnberg for 15 years, buying it for around £4.2million in 2007 while he played for the Gunners.

Lehmann was sacked by Hertha Berlin last year after a racist WhatsApp message appeared online.

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