Job ad asking for ‘actress’ to accompany two kids on a flight reported for trafficking

A job advert that asks for an “actress to assist in a prank” has been reported to police as it sounds like a possible child-trafficking scam.

In a description of the “temporary” vacancy, it reads that the role would entail accompanying an eight and 11-year old on a flight from Gatwick to Dublin before “handing them over to their mother” at the airport in Ireland.

It is also stated that the position, which carries a salary between £31.42 and £120, would require the successful applicant “to give the impression indirectly of being a special friend of the kids’ father” and “need to be confident in pulling this off”.

The ideal candidate, meanwhile, would be a “mature classy female” who is free to work on July 18 only.

The advert described the job as "an easy day's work for the right person"
The advert described the job as “an easy day’s work for the right person”

Stunned Twitter user Alex Sievewright posted a screenshot of the suspicious job spec, adding the words: “…erm… what?”

He also pointed out that he had made the police aware of its existence.

The employers appear to be an unknown company called Torch Training and the ad has understandably caused a bit of a stir on social media.

Replying to Sievewright’s tweet, one person called Natalie declared: “Yeah you might wanna report that asap??? It screams trafficking.”

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With a touch of sarcasm, another Twitter user added: “Ah the old ‘Pretend to be the guardian of two children as they are flown out of the country’ prank. There is no way anything illegal might be happening here.”

But Izzi, among with many others replying to the original post, thought there might be another explanation, reasoning: “I suspect he’s actually looking for someone to trick his ex into thinking he’s seeing someone new. But it reads like human trafficking.”

Users have shared their concerns on social media

The full advert read: “Looking for actress to assist in a prank. You will be required to accompany an eight and 11-year-old on a flight from Gatwick to Dublin and hand them over to their mother at the airport.

“Once the handover is complete the job is done and you can return on your paid flight back to Gatwick. The entire round trip is likely to take around six hours.

“Whilst specific acting experience isn’t needed you will need to give the impression indirectly of being a special friend of the kids’ father, so you will need to be confident in pulling this off. Ideally looking for a mature classy female to fit the typical profile.

The advert has created quite a stir on Twitter

“No interaction with father is required except in meeting at Gatwick to collect the kids for the trip. This is an easy day’s work for the right person.

“Must be on 18th July. Please submit a short application letter with relevant experience, industry or otherwise related along with a recent full body photo.”

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