Man writes note in bottle in search for love – then it turns up 22 years later

A man who was on the hunt for a girlfriend went to a new extreme when he sent a bottled message.

Stephen Caulfield hoped to find love in an unconventional way by penning a note which he put in a bottle.

But the Irishman’s letter didn’t travel far, in fact, only 18 miles when it was finally discovered 22 years later.

He sent his bottled note on January 5, 1999, and it said: “I am 22 years old. Please write to me if you are a girl. Thanks!”

The letter didn’t reach anywhere far as it was only discovered in Dundrum, another Co Down village in Ireland.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Stephan said he was hoping the bottle would reach “a bit further”.

Stephen Caulfield sent his bottled letter on January 5, 1999
Stephen Caulfield sent his bottled letter on January 5, 1999

He said: “I threw it in at the docks beside Campbell’s garage [in 1999] and absolutely had forgotten about it.

“It was done just to see how far it would go (it was a bit tongue-in-cheek). I had previously thrown one in when I was a teenager.

“My wife and kids are having a laugh about it. My daughter said I’m viral.

“I collected my boy from school training this morning and as I did, the vice principal said, ‘There’s message in a bottle!'”

The now 44-year-old confirmed he didn’t meet his wife through a bottled message.

His story went viral after one Twitter user shared a photo of the note on Sunday, asking: “Anyone know this fella?

“Someone found this in a bottle in Dundrum.”

Dozens of people commented on the post since it was shared, as one joked: “I’m sure he’s still waiting for the reply years later.”

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