Men fear ‘chick-lit’ and read far fewer books by female authors, says Women’s Prize judge

Asked if a prize solely for girls was nonetheless needed, Sieghart mentioned: “The extra prizes, the higher as a result of authors want consideration and so many nice books get revealed which don’t get the eye they deserve.

“And sure, it’s true we now not have Booker shortlists that are 100 per cent male, which is why the prize was arrange within the first place, and thank goodness for that.

“But we still have a situation where women read around 50-50 books by men and women, but for men the ratio is about 80-20. They will read four books by men for every one by a woman.” The figures are from Nielsen, which supplies knowledge on ebook shopping for.

‘Novels by women aimed at all humanity’

Sieghart mentioned: “I would really like males to broaden their horizons. With this shortlist we are able to say to males: listed below are six totally good novels which you’ll get pleasure from as a lot as us.

“Obviously, [this doesn’t apply to] all males. But they’ve this bizarre concept that if it’s written by a girl, it’s not going to be aimed toward them. I believe novels written by girls are aimed toward all humanity.

“Men could learn a lot from broadening their horizons. They will enjoy their reading more.”

She cited One Day by David Nicholls, the 2009 best-seller charting a relationship over twenty years. It has offered greater than 5 million copies.

“Look at David Nicholls’ One Day,” she mentioned. “I hate the expression ‘chick-lit’ however should you’re going to label books by girls ‘chick-lit’ then One Day is as a lot ‘chick-lit’ as something. 

“It’s a book about relationships, which would be labelled as ‘women’s fiction’ if the author was a woman. But it wasn’t labelled as that, and lots of men read it.”

‘Chick-lit is a slur’

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