Mum wants to ban ‘loner’ ‘entitled’ nephew from entering her house

An irate mum needs to ban her nephew from coming to her home after he is repeatedly precipitated harm to her son’s belongings.

The mum, whose personal mum has moved in along with her since her dad died a number of years in the past, will get weekly visits from her nephew underneath the guise of visiting his Nan, however he solely sits along with her for round 10 minutes earlier than venturing to her son’s bed room. The nephew, who’s 22-years-old, will then use his cousin’s video games console, pc and different belongings.

Things got here to a head not too long ago when her nephew broke her son’s digicam. Now, the mum needs to ban him from getting into her residence in any respect.

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The mum took to standard parenting website Mumsnet’s Am I Being Unreasonable (AIBU) discussion board to hunt recommendation on the scenario. In a publish titled “[AIBU] To Ban Nephew From My House?” she defined her dwelling scenario after which penned: “One thing about mum living with us is that other relatives assume they can just drop in at any time – generally okay as most people know about manners and not overstaying their welcome, etc. except my nephew (22). He will constantly message of a weekend asking what I’m doing and whether he can come round – if I say I’m busy or not there, he’ll ask if he can come and see his Nan – which would be fine, except he will chat to her for ten minutes and then spend hours wandering the house, using my son’s computer and games consoles and messing up his stuff.

“My mum doesn’t appear to see an issue and received’t implement any type of boundaries, however will complain about him afterwards. Last week, we have been away and my son particularly requested his Nan to not inform my nephew go into his room and use his issues.

“Of course, nephew turns up, stays all day long, plays on games and computer – and breaks my son’s camera. I’m furious, and dreading the inevitable text from my nephew asking if he can come over this weekend. Even if I say no, I know he will just turn up – AIBU [am I being unreasonable] to refuse him entry if he does?”

The mum’s publish was met heaps of responses from fellow Mumsnet customers eager to share their ideas. One merely stated: “He’s 22, tell him to stay out of your son’s room and to replace the camera”.

A second instructed: “I would say ‘You can come round for a cuppa and a chat with Nan, but you are not to touch any of DS’s things or go into his room. We’ve asked Nan to tell you this before, but it seems that she hasn’t – so I’m telling you instead. DS’s room is his private space and you need to stay out of it.'”

A 3rd stated: “Tell him to replace your son’s camera? He’s 22 ffs. You need to grow a back bone.”

Another commented: “F*** that. He’s an adult. I assumed nephew would be one of the child variety. First off he wouldn’t be allowed back in MY house until he had paid for the broken camera. I think it’s important to note [it’s] your and your family’s house. Not your mum’s. You have control here.

“Your children additionally should really feel their residence particularly their room is their secure area. If he cannot keep on with the principles he is not welcome. I would not get a lock for his or her doorways as a result of frankly it should not get to that time. Your home. Your guidelines. Otherwise he isn’t welcome.”

A fifth said: “Demand he pays for the digicam, then bar him from your own home till he has grown up. If he nonetheless turns up, overlook politeness and shut the door in his face”.

And another said: “You may match a door knob with a key lock so your son can lock his room whilst you’re sorting it out. They’re simple to suit. Nephew would possibly lose curiosity if he cant get in there.”

In a follow up comment, the mum added: “Nephew is a little bit of a loner – Ex sister in regulation moved him out as her new DH [dear husband] doesn’t get on with my nephew and my brother [nephew’s dad] lives 300 miles away. I did really feel unhealthy for nephew for a very long time, however he’s extraordinarily entitled and to really feel like he can stroll throughout the home feels invasive – or am I simply being too uptight?”

At the time of writing, 95% of Mumnset users voted the mum was not being unreasonable to ban her nephew from her house.

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