Quickest ways to level up your guns in Call of Duty: Warzone

While Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular battle royales on the market right now and has attracted a wave of new players thanks to its new map, there is still one blatant issue that faces all players, new and old.

Unlike many other battle royale games, Warzone requires you to level up weapons which further unlocks new attachments to make weapons better.

While this system allows players to choose what kind of weapons they want to focus on to suit their playstyle, it also means that many players may feel left out if they haven’t unlocked a weapon that currently tops the meta.

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This situation is made even worse for players who may not have the time of day to max out all the top weapons, inevitably leading to a major disadvantage in gunfights.

Despite this, there are some ways for players to level up weapons quickly and Warzone has different game modes and systems in place to assist players who want to catch up with the current meta.

These tips will apply to all types of guns in Warzone so you won’t be at a disadvantage if you prefer sniper rifles over assault rifles.

Here’s a breakdown of the quickest ways players in Warzone can level up their guns:

Double weapon XP tokens

Double weapon XP tokens halve the time your weapon will take to level up

Double weapon XP tokens are probably the easiest way to ensure you level up your weapons as fast as possible.

As the name suggests, activating these tokens will reward players with twice the XP for their weapons, for example, where you would usually receive 1,000XP in a match for your weapon, you will instead get 2,000XP.

Effectively, this will half the time it takes to level up your weapon while an XP token is activated.

The easiest way to unlock these tokens is by playing the game and progressing your battle pass.

But keep an eye out for the time limit on these tokens, while some can last for an hour, others last for only 15 minutes – the timer goes down while you’re in a game lobby as well as playing a match.


Plunder gives players the opportunity to achieve more kills

Plunder is akin to a battle royale lite game mode and allows players to respawn instantly when killed in a match, rather than having to wait for a teammate to respawn them.

It also allows players to start with their desired loadout so you can specifically choose which guns you want to level up instead of trying to survive a normal match and waiting to get your loadout halfway through the game.

Players are also more likely to get more kills in a Plunder match and garner more XP for their weapons.

Surplus perk

Equipping the Surplus perk to your loadout will grant extra weapon XP whenever you achieve a kill.

Unlike double weapon XP tokens, the Surplus perk is always active when you have your loadout and will remain so until you die and get it back again.

Limited playlists

Warzone often releases Limited game modes to its playlists which usually bring with them opportunities to earn extra weapon XP.

While these aren’t as regular as other game modes, they usually coincide with special events such as double XP weekends, stacking these game modes with the Surplus perk will earn players a massive amount of weapon XP.

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