Shark thrashed surfer from ‘side to side like a dog’ as ‘flesh teared away’

A shark thrashed a surfer from “side to side like a dog” because it clamped down on his arm.

Brian Audas mentioned he felt his flesh “tearing away” throughout his horror wrestle with a six to eight ft lengthy shark when out on his board close to Perth, Western Australia.

The then-25-year-old was one among 60 surfers and swimmers within the water at Yallingup on April 13 1963 – one other was a person known as Bob Phelps, who remembers the horrifying second he noticed Brian’s attacker.

Bob mentioned he watched a “gentle gray shark between six and eight ft lengthy rise out of the water and fall on Brian”.

Brian described the preliminary feeling of the shark as a bump towards his physique because it popped up above the floor.

Brian Audas
Brian Audas mentioned he was shaken ‘like a canine’

In an try to maintain his distance, Brian stretched an arm out to push the shark away just for it to turn into one thing of a chew toy.

He mentioned: “As I swung my arm at it to push it away, it grabbed maintain and began chewing — tugging my arm from side-to-side like a canine. I may really feel the flesh tearing away, however I didn’t really feel any ache in any respect.”

To free himself from the shark’s jaws, Brian frantically splashed water till it let go of his arm and swam off.

Bob Phelps and John Shackley
Beachgoers Bob Phelps and John Shackley witnessed Brian’s terrifying assault

Emperors of the Deep creator William McKeever writes many instances related are recorded within the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), which he says proves sharks don’t see people as meals.

“If hunger were the shark’s primary motivation for the attack, Logan would have made an easy meal,” the creator mentioned.

McKeever added: “ISAF information present that between 50% and 75% of all recorded shark assaults are motivated by one thing apart from starvation or feeding.

Sharks have very hardly ever been identified to eat their victims proves

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“Sharks are intelligent apex predators, and they learn quickly where to find food sources.

“Given the thousands and thousands of swimmers, divers, and beachgoers descending into the oceans worldwide, the sharks would have a area day in the event that they needed to depend on people for meals.

“If sharks were truly intent on eating humans, the world’s oceans would be nothing short of carnage.”

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