Stockport County season ticket holders’ hopes for new season with team ‘not only winning regularly but pushing for titles’

This is going to be Stockport County’s season- at least according to Gareth Eccleston.

After 11 years, the Hatters have officially marked their jubilant return to the Football League with a convincing 2-0 victory over Halifax Town, and with promotion comes even bigger and better ambitions for the club.

However it hasn’t always been an easy ride for Stockport County supporters over the years – a fact that season ticket holder Gareth and his family know all too well, having been there for all the setbacks and triumphs. According to him, the crucial deciding match was a nerve-wracking affair, but a culmination of the momentum that had been building all season and an experience he wanted to share with his whole family.

Season ticket holder Gary Eccleston with his daughter Ella
Season ticket holder Gareth Eccleston with his daughter Ella

He said: “I have a season ticket, as do my son and daughter, and I took my wife as well so it was a full family affair at the game. I didn’t want them to miss it really.

“It’s not really like I enjoyed the game either. The anxiety was running through every bone in my body but as soon as we got that second goal to make it 2-0 you almost knew, it was inevitable that it was going to happen. I stayed on in Edgeley afterwards and celebrated long into the night.”

In anticipation for the season ahead, Stockport County has released its early bird discounted season tickets. The lower price is available until Thursday June 23, when they will go on general sale at the standard price.

Purchasing a season ticket for Stockport County FC comes with a number of benefits, including having a chosen seat reserved all season for home games, priority access to ticket sales for away matches, 10 per cent discount in the club shop and matchday catering facilities, along with other exclusive offers.

Stockport County as National League Champions 2021/22.
Stockport County as National League Champions 2021/22.

Gareth added: “If people are on the fence about whether to do it, it’s at a time when we’re winning so you’re going to get value for money. We’re winning a lot more games than losing at the moment, which is a real incentive to buy one.

“When you think of season tickets, you think of securing your tickets for home games but if you want to go to an away game next season, no doubt there’s going to be priority given to season ticket holders. There may be some games where we only get 1,000 or 2,000 tickets and season ticket holders will get first dibs for away tickets.

“It’s a real bonus not only securing your seat and saving money for home games but I reckon you’ll have to have a season ticket for any of the high profile or big away games next season.”

Stockport County FC.'s season tickets are now on sale, to see the team back in the Football League
Stockport County FC.’s season tickets are now on sale, to see the team back in the Football League

While the noughties may have brought disappointing results that saw the team dip from the Football League, Stockport County‘s loyal supporters have never wavered in the belief that they could see the club’s restoration – not least Gareth. He first bought a season ticket in 1990 with his mum and sister, and has carried on the tradition with his own family.

He credits the success of the team last season to not only the dedication and hard work of the players and management, but also the fans who showed up every week to keep the positive momentum going all season and beyond.

Gareth added: “County fans have been unreal for years, and stuck by their team when we were at our lowest of the low really. Fans like myself who’ve been going for so long can enjoy the time where not only are we winning regularly, but we’re pushing for titles as well.

“Not only do they turn out in numbers, but it’s the noise they create as well. I’ve got family and friends who live around Offerton and Great Moor and they’re not County fans but they’re always telling me ‘we’ve heard County fans again, you’ve obviously won,’ which shows you can hear them from miles away. That’s definitely got to be a help to the team.”

The champions parade and trophy presentation
The champions parade and trophy presentation

This sense of pride and community that Stockport County hopes to foster amongst its fan base is a reason season ticket perks can extend beyond just discounts and priority tickets. Many ticket holders, like Gareth, have been attending matches for years, passing the love for their team through the generations and creating a home for like-minded people to bond over the game.

Gareth said: “Regardless of who you are, you can enjoy the day. I go with my family, but I also go a lot of times with my friends too, especially to away games. Whatever happens on the day, whether you’re with your father or a mate, you can go and have a really good time.

“At lot of my friends are also County fans and ticket holders so we sit in the lower tier. They’re all families as well so for my daughter Ella who’s only five, there might be sweets to keep her occupied but also there’s lots of other young kids around as well – it’s a big group of friends really.”

Gary and Ella will be cheering Stockport County on next season in the Football League
Gareth and Ella will be cheering Stockport County on next season in the Football League

Gareth remains optimistic for the season ahead, and the future of the club, and his prediction is that another promotion may not be another 11 years away.

He said: “It’s hugely exciting, and it’s so important to be finally back in the Football League as well. It’s been a long time coming. I think promotion has got to be the aim. For me, I back us for the top three.

“The odds have got to be with us; we’ve got momentum, we’ve got a healthy budget and we’ve got a winning mentality at the moment. It feels now the only way is up, and we can ride the momentum and push on again for another promotion.”

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