The Best Outdoor Items on Amazon

We’re spending as much time outdoors as we can right now, from days with friends to evenings on the patios, we’re soaking it up! And that means setting up our spaces with all the things to make it a bit more enjoyable – whether that’s comfy seating, mosquito repellers, or ways to stay cool! We’re sharing all of our favorite outdoor items on Amazon to make your outdoor time even more enjoyable!

Set of 2 Solar Lanterns

I had been on the hunt for outdoor lanterns for quite some time [it’s so hard to find some that don’t cost an arm and a leg!] and I stumbled upon these from Amazon! I love that they come with the LED candles that are solar-powered!

Outdoor Embroidered Pillows

So here’s the thing – do I actually know if these were intended for outdoor use? No. But do I love them and use them outdoors? Yes. I can’t get over the quality and embroidered detail of these unique pillows and have gotten so many compliments on them already! They are on the pricier side but I am hoping to get a few seasons out of them [note: we do use furniture covers or bring them inside if it’s not going to be nice weather]!

Bike for her

Shawn bought me this beach cruiser as a birthday gift last year and it has been so much fun to have it to ride around town during the summer! It’s a comfortable ride and I love the attached cup holder + cell phone slot! The cuteness doesn’t hurt it either!

Votive Candle Holder Set // Candles

The prettiest table centerpiece I ever did see! Becca on the team bought this in the amber shades and as soon as she shared it I was hitting #addtocart in the blues! It’s a great addition to a dining table, coffee table, kitchen island, etc!

Outdoor Couch

Say hello to the couch we’ve had for 3 summers now from Amazon! This wicker couch comes with UV / water resistant cushions [and don’t worry, there are several other colors available in the event you’re not as daring [aka dumb] as we are to order white ;)] We have owned this for a month or so now and absolutely love it! It’s comfortable, holds 3-4 people, and fortunately has been easy to wipe clean after my dogs choose to roll their wet dirty selves all over it. If you’d like a cover for it, we purchased this one! Well done Amazon, well done.

Margaritaville Drink Machine

Cue the cocktails, I’m ready! When I saw this frozen concoction machine, I knew it had to belong in our house! It is the perfect summer addition to our patio, especially when hosting! It easily makes margaritas, daiquiris, coladas, and smoothies! We’ve had so much fun blending up different recipes [you can find a ton on Pinterest], including one of our favorites listed below! Cleaning up is a breeze and the drinks taste great every time!

Classic Margarita

8 fl oz Gold Tequila
4 fl oz Triple Sec
2 fl oz Lime Juice
2 fl oz Orange Juice
6 fl oz Margarita Mix

Kan Jam & Ladder Ball Set

Ladderball: hands down the best yard game we purchased last year! It was a hit all summer long with adults and kids! If you don’t own it yet, I highly recommend for hours of fun!

Kan Jam: This is a super popular game that’s fun for all ages! If you can throw a frisbee, you can play this one!

Giant Lily Pad Mat

If you live on the water, meet your new best friend. We bought this floating water pad once we moved into the lake and it is one of the best purchases we’ve made for this place thus far! This bad boy holds up to 20 kids or 8 adults. It comes with a bungee to tie up to your pier or wherever you want it [Shawn drilled a hole on the other end as well to stake it into the water to ensure it doesn’t move around – he bought this to do so] and it’s so comfortable to just lay or sit on and hang out with friends and family. The only thing you’ll have to worry about after getting this float set-up is which drink do you want to enjoy on it first? Cheers!

Traeger Smoker Grill

It’s grilling season, friends, and the time is now to get your grilling setup right! I bought this Traeger for Shawn a few Christmases ago and he still raves about it! From bacon to pizza, burgers and brisket, mac and cheese and jalapeno poppers, we do it all on this thing!


The temps are warmin’ up friends which can only mean one thing…. bugs 🦟

🐝🐜 [specifically mosquitos] If you don’t have one of these Thermacell mosquito repellant tools, this is your reminder to order this before they get too bad!  I love that it is scent-free and keeps mosquitos away within a 15-foot radius!

Hanging Planter / Hooks / String Lights / Pergola

We recently set up this pergola and couldn’t wait to set up our own backyard oasis! These hanging planters [don’t forget the hooks] and string lights have made it the perfect little spot to read and I love it so much!

Planter Pots

I’m the worst when it comes to decorating outdoors… I’m either super picky about what I want, lazy about actually doing it and since our outside is still quite a bit dated [we bought an older ‘70’s tri level] it’s difficult to decorate. This set of planters was not only affordable but made it easy to quickly decorate our front porch without doing too much! They are three different sizes, have drain holes in the bottom and look way more expensive in real life! They’re also lightweight! I love how they’ve spruced up our front porch!! 

Chalk Alive

Anyone else’s kids LOVE chalk?! Mine are a little obsessed and love drawing! I somehow stumbled across an ad for this Chalk Alive and could’t hit #checkout fast enough! It’s really easy to use; kids pick their stencil, use the chalk and color it in, parents download the free app, take the stencil off, use the app and point your camera at the drawing! The image will appear based on the stencil used! My kids absolutely love it and get a kick out of the animals or things that show up! 

Wowmazing Bubble Kit

It wouldn’t be Summer without bubbles!! We’ve had this kit since 2020 and right after Covid hit and let me tell you these have been one of the most fun outdoor activities we have! They make the BIGGEST bubbles we have ever seen and the laughs/giggles that come with these are the best!

Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

Summer Break is here and I was desperate to find activities for my kids that would work well both indoors and outdoors! I wasn’t sure how well this color mat would work since it looked like it would be best for younger kids but my kids [8 and 6] have loved it!! It’s super easy to use, literally add water to the “pens” and voila endless hours of fun! Mess free for the most part, non toxic so great for smaller kids and the mat just dries, so easy to clean!

Beach Chair

Alright friends, I’ve been seeing this beach chair trending all over the internet. As someone who loves to read while I tan, I couldn’t hit “add to cart” fast enough! You can officially comfortably tan your back side without giving up your book, phone, or kindle. It’s a hit!  

Pillow Covers // Lumbar // Tray // Coasters // Similar Patio Set // Rug // Glassware 

I’ve had these outdoor pillows for over three years and they’ve held up great year after year! Linking my entire outdoor patio set up here! 

Outdoor Rug [Purchased 4×6] // Wood Tray // Hanging Baskets // Faux Hanging Florals // Thermacell

Say hello to my little outdoor oasis! We recently bought this home and one of my favorite features is our cover front porch. I absolutely love spending time out here and really wanted to dress it up a little! Because it is covered and protected from most of the elements, not everything you see here is completely outdoor proof! That being said, I found this outdoor rug and LOVE it. I wanted just a small rug to add some dimension to the space but not crowd it and this one totally fit the bill. Because our porch doesn’t get direct sunlight, I added in some faux hanging florals in these adorable woven baskets. I love the whimsical vibes and to be honest, I love that I don’t have to keep them alive! What you can’t see is our planter boxes on the front of the house, and I fight to keep those babies alive daily! And finally, you all know and love the Thermacell Bug Repellent! For under $20 this thing really packs a punch and keeps those pesky mosquitoes away! And you can’t argue with over 40,000 reviews 😉

Outdoor Picnic Table Cloth

We spend a lot of weekends camping, and having a heavy duty picnic table cover was something I quickly learned I needed. And it had to be cute too 😉 This one has been a great addition to our weekends – easily wipes clean, covers gross picnic tables, is quite heavy duty, and cute! Everything we needed! 

Ring Toss Game

Have you played the ring toss game? I was introduced to this game by one of our local waterfront restaurants years ago, and now I love having it on our own back deck! Who would have thought that simply trying to get a ring on a hook would be so addicting!

Rocking Camping Chairs

Rocking camping chairs – oh yes they are! I can’t quit talking about these chairs, because friends, they’re good. If you have plans to sit by the campfire, sit on the sidelines for sports, rock a sweet babe outdoors, and on and on and on – these rocking camp chairs are for y-o-u!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The latest addition to our back deck space? This waterproof bluetooth speaker! From the color changing lights to the fact that it’s waterproof, it’s a fun speaker to keep on the deck for late-night hangs! It’s not crazy loud, but it works for a small group hanging out! If you have a large space or are having a big party you might want something with some more volume!

Raised Garden

I’m giving a garden a go this year in a very small way! This raised garden was exactly what I was looking for as I know I’m going to need to move my garden location in a year or two. Peppers, tomatoes, jalapenos, and zucchini are just a few of the plant I’m hoping to grow this year! It was assembled in less than an hour and so far the plants to be grow, grow, growing! 

Outdoor Pillow Covers // Outdoor Pillow Inserts

These outdoor pillows and pillow covers arrived from Amazon, and as soon as I took them out of the package I was so pleased with the quality! I love the textured look and feel, the color, and the price! The trifecta!  

Rocking Chairs

I bought these last year when I wanted to get some budget friendly rocking chairs for our patio where I could sit outside and do computer work, watch the kids play, or just have a glass of wine! This set fit the bill pricewise [under $150 with shipping!] and now that they’re here with plenty of use, I know they’re comfortable too! Overall, I’m calling these a win for the price!

Bird Feeder

I never would have guessed how much joy this $17 bird feeder would bring to our house! My 4 year old loves helping me fill it with bird food, and talking about the birds we’re seeing out there! And let me tell ya, the birds seem pretty happy too! 

Power Washer

Ahhhh now that’s satisfying! I stole my husband’s power washer to give some love to the siding on one side of our house, and man, I didn’t realize how bad it needed it! Easy to use, easy to love! This is his all-time favorite Amazon Prime Day purchase!

Dusk to Dawn Lightbulbs

These dusk to dawn lightbulbs were a GAMECHANGER outside of  our house! You just leave the lightswitch on, and as soon as they sense first light they’ll turn off in the morning, and turn on again in the evening at dusk! Badabing badaboom! We have had them by the garage doors for over 6 years now, and just added them to our front porch this year! One less thing to worry about each morning and night!

Solar Outdoor Lights // Clip Hooks

My poor husband put up with me wanting these lights moved around SO many times to get them where I wanted them 😂 bless his soul. I have dreamed of the Pinterest worthy patio for so long and while we may not be 100% be there, I think these lights add a nice vibe! Side note: I ordered the 27’ and definitely needed the 48’ OOPS. What has held me back from lights before is that we don’t have an outlet in a convenient spot on our patio, so these solar lights are perfect and keep me outlet/extension cord free! 

Outdoor Rug [Black/Grey, 7’9”x10’2”] // Patio Set

A rug can really spruce up a concrete slab! After scrolling the pages of Amazon, I found this one and am so happy with it! Cheers to grillin’ season ♨️

Welcome Mat

Well, hi!! I love the curb appeal of a cute welcome mat – I think it really sets the tone for the vibe of your house! This one caught my eye because it has nice bristles for cleaning off your shoes, is under $25, and made me smile! There are 26 patterns/sayings to choose from, so take your pick!

Kids Water Table

This water table has been life.changing. My son could spend hours playing with this thing. He loves when we add soap to the water so he can ‘wash his dishes.’ Definitely one of our better purchases!  

Kids Picnic Table

We were gifted this kids picnic table for my son’s birthday and mealtime has been so much fun now that the weather is nicer. He gets so excited to eat at his very own table. Part of the top is removable and can be turned into a sand and water table as well. So fun

Bench Cushion

Need an easy way to glam up an old porch swing? Throw on some new cushions and pillows. This old swing came from my husband’s grandparents so it’s so special to us. We sit on it quite often and quickly realized how uncomfortable it actually is. So this black bench cushion has been the perfect addition.  

Striped Doormat & Knotted Rug

I really love the look of layering doormats on the front porch. It just feels so homey and inviting to me. I thought these neutral colors went great together and love the different textures too.

Allison’s Metal Flowers

Allison here! Who else kills all their flowers by July?!?! 🙋‍♀️ I found these super cute metal “flowers” to put in my flower pots by the pool. Love the colors, they match my color scheme perfectly! I may just switch all my real flowers to metal ones for next summer!

Ashley’s Watering Can

Since buying our first home I have created a large family of houseplants. To be fair, I was amazed I managed to keep the first one alive since I have killed I have ever had in the past! I have been watering them with a giant cup for months and decided to order this cute little watering can from Amazon. This one matches my decor and makes it easier for me to direct the flow to where it needs to be! Me & the plants are happy.

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