Woman’s mum-in-law gives her joke cushion mocking her recent weight gain

A woman claims her mother-in-law gave her an offensive gift after she gained weight that some say is the “worst present” ever.

The anonymous parent was given a “joke” cushion by the family member who clearly thought it would be funny, but was herself offended by the rude slogan.

She shared a snap of the cushion to Mumsnet, that showed the homeware item features the phrase: “I gave up jogging for health reasons… my thighs rubbed together and my knickers caught fire.”

Writing on the parenting website, she said: “Is this present having a dig at me?

“Don’t really see partners mum since covid as lives a couple of hours away and she never travels. She came for Christmas lunch and this was my present.

“When ever she sees her slightly overweight son she makes comments about how he looks pregnant. I used to run a lot don’t now.”

She was given the cushion as a gift
She was given the cushion as a gift

Almost 300 people commented on the forum most telling her they would bin the cruel cushion.

One person said: “That’s just a straight up insult.”

While another added: “Nasty and upsetting. Throw in the bin.”

A third commented: “I do think you need to speak with you husband and tell him he needs to have a word with her.”

And, another said: “Like anyone would appreciate that! Does she have inappropriate stuff like that around her house? If not I would discreetly take it next time you visit and just leave it on her sofa.”

She used to be a runner but had given up
She used to be a runner but had given up

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A fifth added: “I would say from what you have said that this is an insensitive gift, her intentions may or may not have been good, but unless it was some kind of inside joke or something, you’re not being unreasonable at all.”

But, not everyone was totally against the mother-in law.

One supporter noted: “Sorry but that’s hilarious! Not everything is personal, you know?”

“Maybe she thought it was funny, if you used to jog and no longer do,” said another.

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